City of Scandia, MN

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine

What began as a fun off-the-cuff remark during the first international online meeting in late August between the Sister Cities of Mellerud, Sweden and Scandia, Minnesota has become a reality! As the council members discussed their cities and their businesses, Mellerud commented that they have a famous brewery that produced Mellerud beer. Scandia noted that they have a new winery called Rustic Roots, that produced excellent wine. Someone from Mellerud commented with a laugh to send us a case of your wine and we’ll send you a case of our beer.  The meeting ended with” Don’t forget the wine”!

Scandia’s Sister City Committee contacted Greg and Andrea Sandager, owners of Rustic Roots winery who generously offered to donate the case of wine.  After much research, we discovered that it would be too costly and complicated to ship the case of wine to Sweden.

To the rescue came Susan and Paul Rodsjo, members of the Scandia Sister City Committee and also owners of Global Air Charters.  They offered to fly the case of wine on board their next flight to Sweden at no cost to Scandia!  The case of wine was picked up at Rustic Roots on Tuesday and immediately taken to the airport to board a Gulfstream V.    

The photo is of the Rustic Roots wine leaving St. Paul on a Global Air Charters flight with Captain Paul Rodsjo and First Officer Espen Rodsjo. The wine is expected to travel to New Hampshire; West Palm Beach; Monterey, CA; Cabo San Lucas; Los Angeles; New York; Florence Italy; and Stockholm before reaching Mellerud, Sweden.  To follow the exciting adventures of this Rustic Roots case of wine, go to and look up tail number N280PH, or call sign GJE622 to track the aircraft online.

Scandia is anxiously awaiting their case of Mellerud beer!



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