City of Scandia, MN

Mayor Christine Maefsky presented a Scandia Good Neighbor Award Proclamation to Sam Masoud at the May 17, 2022 City Council meeting.  

Sam was nominated by Beth Collins, who wrote how Sam generously gives his time and attention to those in need. Last November Sam witnessed two women whose car rolled away from them and went into a ditch near his Scandia Tobacco business. He was quick on the scene, first making sure they were OK and then helping to get their car back on the road. In other instances of his compassion and generosity, Sam purchased a new tire for a driver in need, and trusts customers to return to his store with a payment when the credit card machine is down.

Mayor Maefsky expressed that Sam is a great example of how we should all treat each other.

Please join us in offering thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Sam for his many qualities of being a Scandia Good Neighbor!


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