City of Scandia, MN

Proclamation for Gammelgården Museum
 Whereas:  Scandia, MN is recognized as the first Swedish settlement in Minnesota, with the construction of a log home on Hay Lake in 1850; and

Whereas: Elim Lutheran Church of Scandia is recognized as the third oldest Lutheran congregation in Minnesota, organized May 19,1854; and

Whereas: Located and maintained at Gammelgarden in the center of Scandia are buildings and property from this early era including Präst Hus (Pastor’s Home) which was built 1868 on this site and is the oldest known pastor’s home in the state of Minnesota; and

Whereas: Also located at Gammelgarden is the first sanctuary for the Elim congregation, built 1856, and recognized as the oldest Lutheran sanctuary in Minnesota and still used; and

Whereas: Elim Lutheran Church, seeking to recognize and honor this unique heritage, purchased the original property and buildings that had been the Pastor’s home and farm in 1972 and created GAMMELGÅRDEN MUSEUM (Old Small Farm) to Preserve, Present and Promote Swedish Immigrant Heritage; and

Whereas: Gammelgården Museum now includes 5 historic buildings from the early Scandia Swedish Immigrant era, has established an international reputation, drawing thousands of visitors each year to Scandia for tours, classes, events, shopping, and programs, and has collected over 5,000 appropriate artifacts; and

Whereas: 2023 marks the 51st year for Gammelgården Museum and the third century for four of the buildings; therefore

The City Council of the City of Scandia declares the month of May 2023 to be GAMMELGÅRDEN MUSEUM Month.
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