City of Scandia, MN

 Magical Internet Adventure Contest for Kids!
Hey, young storytellers of Scandia! Grab your capes and magic wands because Midco and the Scandia Parks and Rec Crew are rolling out the red carpet for your imagination with the most epic story contest ever, designed just for you—kids in grades 4th through 6th! Dive into your wildest dreams and conjure up a tale where you become the hero, using the Internet to sprinkle some magic dust on your community.

Prizes Galore:
Not one, not two, but eight wizardly writers will snag a treasure of $50 each! That’s right; it's a golden ticket just for sharing your most enchanting story.

Here’s How to Enter the Realm of Imagination:
Craft Your Tale: Pen down a thrilling, heartwarming, or hilariously inventive story about how you and the Internet team up to do something awesome for your town.

Your magical scroll should be typed in a mighty 14pt. Font, with the traditional spells of 1” margins all around, on an 8 ½” x 11” paper in portrait mode.

Summon your inner artist to create a dazzling drawing that brings your story to life on a separate 8 ½” x11” sheet in portrait mode. Whether you sketch by hand or command your computer to do your bidding, make it spellbinding!

Dispatch Your Creations: Venture forth to the Scandia Elementary School fortress, the grand Scandia City Hall, or send your tales through the mystical ethers to by May 31, 2024.

Label Your Artifacts: Remember to inscribe your name, your mystical guide (teacher’s name), your guardians’ names, and how to send a raven to them (phone number and email) on a separate scroll. Mark your name on both your story and artwork scrolls, too! (Fear not; your raven’s path will be guarded and only used to deliver good news.)

The Quest for Glory:
A panel of wizards and fairies will judge your stories and art for their creativity, originality, and the magic they bring to the heart. The chosen eight will not only win $50 but also have their works displayed in the enchanted forests of Lilleskogen Park on August 14th.

And there’s more! On that day, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, when the sun is still shining, villagers from far and wide gather to read, admire, and vote for their favorite tales and drawings. Summon your family, friends, and neighbors to join this festive gathering and cast their votes! As the air cools at 7:30 PM, the champions will be crowned, and the grandest storyteller of them all will win their classroom a majestic prize of $250 from Midco. 

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your imagination, and let’s create some magic! Need a sprinkle of fairy dust or have a question? Contact the sorceress Bee at

Download Magical Internet Adventure flyer and instructions  

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