City of Scandia, MN

Elevation measurements taken on Bone Lake have triggered Scandia Ordinance §71.02 Watercraft Regulations. HIGH WATER for Bone Lake, shall mean water elevations in excess of 909.060 feet above mean sea level, as reflected by the gauge reading at 238th Street, east of the boat landing. The Bone Lake water level was at 909.073 ft. of elevation the morning of June 3rd..

During periods of high water, no person shall operate a watercraft at a greater than a slow-no wake speed within 300 feet of the shoreline of Bone Lake.

Once enacted and upon lake levels falling again below high water, a three-day waiting period will commence, with the slow-no wake restriction being removed only if the water remains below the designated levels for the entire three-day duration. If at any time during the three-day waiting period a high water condition again exists, a new slow-no wake restriction will begin.

Bone Lake No Wake 06.05.2024

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