City of Scandia, MN

Permits & Licensing

The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for the administration of permits and licensing for the City of Scandia, as well as issuing a range of other licenses and permits on behalf of the City. The City Clerk's Office works closely with other City departments required to review and approve applications prior to issuing permits and licenses. Some licenses and permits require the approval of the City Council before they can be issued.

  • Liquor & Tobacco Licenses
  • Gambling Licenses
  • Event Center Licenses
  • Burning Permits
  • Right-of-Way Permits (Work in City Roads)
  • Driveway Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Special Event Permits

Building and Home Improvement Related Permits
Scandia uses a combination permit process. General contractors, or homeowners doing their own work, pay for all permits (building, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc.) at the time the building permit is issued. 

Some projects may require a Watershed District Permit - Link to Watershed Districts in Scandia.  Approval of Scandia's building permit is conditioned on approval from the applicable Watershed District.

Separate Building Permits are required for many building projects, including new construction, additions, structural changes, porch, deck, finished basement, pools, demolition, roofing, siding, and window replacement. Contractors must have a current state license on file with the city.  Remember to call before you Dig: Gopher State One Call

The City of Scandia contracts with the City of Hugo to provide building inspections services. Joel Hoistad serves as Scandia's Building Official.

Zoning Permits (AKA Administrative Permits) 
The City regulates the location and height of new buildings or structures.  This process is often completed concurrent to a building permit, but some projects may require prior approval by the Planning Commission and City Council.  This includes approvals for conditional uses or variance from zoning district building site standards.  

The City of Scandia contracts with Bolton & Menk to provide planning services.  TJ Hofer is the City's Planner.  While the City Administrator is Scandia's Zoning Officer and assists residents with Zoning related questions, the City Planner also schedules appointments at City Hall on Thursday mornings; use the following link to schedule an appointment:  Book time with TJ Hofer: Scandia City Planner .

Click Here to view a Zoning Map of Scandia and Click Here to download a Planning & Zoning Application.

Other actions processed by Planning and Zoning Applications include Administrative Fence Permits, Permanent Sign Permits and Variance Applications.  Link to Zoning Information Page.

Wetland Permits
In almost all cases, draining, filling or altering a wetland will require a permit or some other authorization in Minnesota; applicants will often need to show efforts to avoid wetlands and may be required to replace drained or filled wetland area.

The City of Scandia contracts with the Washington Conservation District to assist applicants with wetland related issues.  The agency also provides the City with professional expertise with the review and approval of wetland delineations and MNRAM Classifications.

NOTE: Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems are permitted by Washington County Environmental Services Department -
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