City of Scandia, MN

With the adoption of Ordinance No. 165, the permit requirements for temporary signs such as garage sales and community event signs were eliminated. 

The updated Sign Ordinance allows for up to 3 signs that are 10 square feet in size or less in the Agricultural Core, Ag Preserves, General Rural and Village Neighborhood districts. These could be home occupation signs, signs advertising seasonal produce or agricultural products, or event signs.

One temporary or portable sign in the Village Mixed Use, Rural Commercial and Industrial Park is allowed without a permit. The temporary sign could be up to 40 square feet in size and may be displayed for up to 34 consecutive days. These signs could include community event signs, sale signs or other messages. The signs may include banners, but not pennants.

Permanent signs on building storefronts may be approved by an Administrative Permit.  A city Planning & Zoning Application is required for these signs.

For further information on signs, see the 'Signs' section of the  Unified Development Code, Chapter 153.400.100.
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