City of Scandia, MN

2040 Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan defines the vision, goals, and aspirations of a community’s long-term development. A strong plan can intricately shape land use and transportation patterns, develop ways to conserve natural resources, and identify needs for housing, utilities, parks, and other community facilities. These assessments then help the community make well-informed decisions on both public and private infrastructure/facility investments for years to come.  The City of Scandia’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan is the vision of the community in 2040. It provides an overview of the City of Scandia, including historical context, existing and future land use, water and nature features, public facilities, transportation, population, housing, and employment trends and forecasts. The Comprehensive Plan contains goals, objectives and policies to guide public and private land use development, redevelopment and preservation of all lands and waters within the City and proposes an implementation plan extending toward 2040.  These elements have been developed in conjunction with the City’s tradition of planning. 

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