City of Scandia, MN

2040 Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Land Use
Chapter 3: Natural Resources
Chapter 4: Resilience
Chapter 5: Economic Competitiveness
Chapter 6: Housing
Chapter 7: Parks and Trails
Chapter 8: Transportation
Chapter 9: Water Resources
Chapter 10: Implementation

Appendix A: Scandia Survey Results
Appendix B: Focus Group Notes
Appendix C: Comprehensive Trails Master Plan Report
Appendix D: BMPR Official Map
Appendix E: Access Guidelines
Appendix F: Ordinance No. 189
Appendix G: Action Plan Worksheets
Appendix H: Local Water Management Plan Revised 12192018
Appendix I: Scandia Comment Tracker for Submittal
Appendix J: Reports Resolutions
Appendix K: NPDES Permits

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