City of Scandia, MN

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee consists of five members appointed by the Council for staggered terms of five years, expiring on February 28 of each year.  The Committee advises the Council in all matters relating to parks and recreation programs and facilities. The Committee also coordinates that annual Vinterfest event.  The Committee meets the first Monday of each month.

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Parks and Recreation Committee Members:

Terry Gorham (Chair)
Term Expires:  February 28, 2026

Term Expires:  February 28, 2026

Cami Van Abel
Term Expires: February 28, 2022

Dustin Hegland 
Term Expires:  February 28, 2024

Greg Zauner (Vice Chair)
Term Expires:   February 28, 2024

Ex-Officio Members:

Patti Ray (City Council Representative)
 (651) 433-2274,

Charles Fischer, Director of Public Works
(651) 433-5223,

Brenda "Bee" Stignani, Office Assistant/Parks & Recreation Coordinator
(651) 433-2274,
Ken Cammilleri, City Administrator

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