City of Scandia, MN

Scandia Parks & Recreation Areas:
Link to Existing Parks and Trails Map in Scandia

Scandia Community Center,
14727 209th Street North
Located on Olinda Trail North just south of the Village Center, the Scandia Community Center is a well-used facility with a community building that houses the City offices, banquet hall with kitchen facilities, meeting rooms, restrooms and outdoor recreational facilities on an 18-acre site. The Community Center shares a parking lot of approximately 120 parking spaces with the Leonard Wojtowicz Skating Park. Located between the Community Center and public works maintenance building, there is a children's playground and tennis courts.  Pickleball adjusting straps are available with court markings for both sports.   Back to Top

Barton Johnson Memorial Park, 20880 Olinda Trail North
Barton Johnson is a private neighborhood park located adjacent to the Gammelgarden Museum and across Olinda Trail from the Scandia Community Center.   Back to Top

Goose Lake Boat Launch, 22001 Oldfield Avenue North
This is a small, public boat lunch for Goose Lake. There are no existing facilities on site.   Back to Top

Hay Lake Park, 14001 Old Marine Trail North
Located at the intersection of  Old Marine Trail and Olinda Trail North in the south central part of the city, this 7-acre site has been updated with a park shelter, picnic tables, grills, lighting and electrical hook-ups.  This site is adjacent to the Hay Lake School Museum and across the road from the Swedish Settler’s Monument.   Back to Top

Leonard Wojtowicz Skating Park, 14727 209th Street North 

The Leonard Wojtowicz Skating Park has a lighted hockey rink for winter use with a smaller area for recreational skating.  Both are flooded each year as soon as weather permits.  Open skating is the norm, but the Rink Calendar will identify reserved hours and well-publicized community events.  The warming house is open during the skating season.  As the seasons change, the Public Works department installs skateboard ramps  and rails on the large oval rink. The warming house is open during the summer and is equipped with a water bottle filling station and the Bike Fix It station is set up to support area bicycling enthusiasts.  Back to Top

Lilleskogen Park, 14600 Oakhill Road North 
Lilleskogen means little forest in Swedish.  This beautiful wooded 8-acre park is located at the corner of Hwy 97 and Oakhill Rd near the Village Center.  It has a delightful Children’s Story Path, which regularly displays the work of Scandia’s children and local children’s book authors.   The path winds through the woods, around a pond and over a bridge.  This park is also home to Scandia's Veterans Memorial.   Link to aerial mapBack to Top

Liten Park - 20030 Orwell Avenue North
Scandia's newest park, Liten Park, means fine in Swedish; as in slender, thin, or narrow.  Initial development includes parking, simple trails, signage, and a picnic area.  Future development will be based on comprehensive plans and neighborhood needs.  Back to Top

Log House Landing, 16956 205th Street North, Access to St. Croix River; North of William O'Brien State Park
Log House Landing is located off 205th Street North just east of Quinnell Ave in Scandia, and provides access to the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.  What is the history of Log House Landing?   Back to Top

Scandia T-Ball Field, 14849 Oakhill Road North
This ball field is located on the south side of Oakhill Road (County Rd. 52), east of Olinda Trail.   Back to Top

South Ball Field, 20835 Olinda Trail North
This ball field is located just south of the Community Center, on the east side of Olinda Trail/ County Road 3.   Back to Top

Wayne Erickson Memorial Ball Park,  21398 Olinda Trail North
Wayne Erickson Memorial Ball park  is located on the west side of Olinda Trail/County Road 3, north of Scandia Trail/ Highway 97. The field is lighted for evening and night-time games and the site includes a concession stand and children's play structure.  Who was Wayne Erickson?   Back to Top

Wind in the Pines Preserve, 22199 St. Croix Trail North
Wind in the Pines Park is thought to be one of the most diverse ecological areas left in Washington County by the Minnesota DNR. This 44-acre site is located in the northeast corner of the City along State Highway 95 across from Pilar Road. Bounded by the Falls Creek SNA to the north and the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway to the east, this parcel offers diversity of old growth forest and pristine prairies- providing invaluable wildlife habitat and unparalleled scenic value. There is a small gravel lot off Highway 95. Trails are marked and maintained by volunteers for non-motorized pedestrian use.  NOTE: there is no public access to the St. Croix River from Wind in the Pines. No pets are allowed.  Please respect private property.   Back to Top

Undeveloped Park and Recreation Areas:

* Bone Lake Park, 11770 238th St North
Located on the north side of Bone Lake, this 26-acre park is under approximately 60% wetland cover and supports the inlet to Bone Lake. It contains a DNR boat launch with associated parking.  A trail through the woods on the western side has been built by the Bone Lake Association with future plans to expand the trail to the eastern side.   Back to Top

*Hay Lake Parcel - Located here
This 4.39 acre parcel is on the south shore of Hay Lake.  It is heavily wooded with both hardwood and pine growth.  Similar to the Orwell lot to the north, this parcel is subject to plans and neighborhood needs.   Back to Top

*Orwell Avenue North Lot  -
Located here
This undeveloped, 2.5- acre lot is a natural area with approximately 50% covered in wetlands. There are no existing facilities on site.  Any future development adhere to plans and neighborhood needs.   Back to Top

*Swenson Goose Lake Estate  
This 1.7 acre parcel is part of the Swenson Estate Subdivision off of Oren Road North near the north central part of the city.  There are no existing facilities on site.  In 2016 the Soaring Eagles 4-H Club led a pollinator planting project here.   Back to Top

*Wildwood Acres park - located here
This 2.77 acre undeveloped parcel is part of Wildwood acres on Odell Ave N.
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State and Parks and Open Space in Scandia:
* Big Marine Lake Park Reserve, 17495 Manning Trail North
Big Marine Park Reserve is owned and operated by Washington County, and located partially within the City of Scandia. The park was selected as a regional facility because of its excellent natural resource features, including the St. Croix Valley/northeast ground moraine and high-quality upland and wetland wildlife habitat. When completed, the park will be 1,800 acres, with 80 percent of its acreage set aside for preservation and protection. This 80 percent will eventually resemble the land as it was prior to the arrival of the settlers in the mid-1800s. Park Hours are 7 a.m. until one-half hour after sunset.  Vehicle Permits are required for all vehicles entering the park.    Back to Top

The scenic value of Crystal Spring SNA is matched only by the high quality of the native plant communities that inhabit the 38-acre site. Impressive steep cliffs line a winding seasonal cold-water stream. Outstanding old forests carpet the rugged terrain. A few rare species occur here too. And unfortunately, invasive buckthorn is also found in the upland forests.
Nearby Parks, Trails and Open Space   Back to Top

Falls Creek is a Minnesota DNR owned 136-acre scientific and natural area in Scandia.  It represents one of the most diverse natural areas in Washington County.   Back to Top

* William O'Brien State Park, 16820 O'Brien Trail
William O’Brien State Park is on the Saint Croix River and it offers many recreation opportunities including biking, swimming, and nature interpretation.   Back to Top

* Several regional parks, trails, and natural areas are within or near Scandia.   Link to Map of Regional Parks and Trails (Figure 3-1)  Regional parks generally serve populations within a one-half hour to one-hour travel time.  They are usually in areas that exhibit highly valued scenic or natural qualities.  In the Scandia area, many regional parks and open space relate to the Lower St. Croix River, lakes or natural communities.   Back to Top

National, state and regional parks near Scandia:
*Interstate State Park
Interstate Park comprises two adjacent state parks on the Minnesota–Wisconsin border, both named Interstate State Park. They straddle the Dalles of the St. Croix River, a deep basalt gorge with glacial potholes and other rock formations. The  Minnesota park is 298 acres and is located 15 miles north of Scandia.  Park highlights include scenic river views, canoeing, camping, fishing, rock climbing and pot hole viewing.   Back to Top

*Lower St. Croix National Scenic Railway
The Railway project has acquired land or scenic easements adjoining the river, but access to these parcels is limited.   Back to Top

*Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
The Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway borders the eastern edge of Scandia, offering significant wildlife habitat, scenic value, fishing and boating. The Lower St. Croix River was among the first to be added to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Program by Congress in 1972.   Back to Top
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