City of Scandia, MN

Veterans_Memorial_Emblem_WebScandia Veterans Memorial Lilleskogen Park, Scandia, MN
“In honor of the generations of men and women who have served to defend the liberties that we enjoy today.”

The memorial is dedicated to all US military veterans, regardless of where they are from or when they served.  The memorial recognizes the contributions and sacrifices by generations of men and women who have served in battle or not, to defend our freedoms.  The memorial is appropriately located in beautiful Lilleskogen Park.  We hope you will come to enjoy the memorial and park often.   

The memorial was organized by community volunteers and dedicated in September of 2018.  It took four years to complete.  All funds for the memorial were donated by the public and community organizations.  There are 105 personalized bricks per wall.  210 bricks in total at present.  The walls display veterans names from around the country including 100 from the Scandia area.  Minnesota’s 1st Volunteer Infantry Brigade has an honorary brick centered on the top row of wall one.  There are six bricks from the Army’s 4th Infantry Division who served together in Vietnam.  These are located on the 4th row of wall one.

Vetrans Memorial
There are bricks representing veterans from almost all armed military conflicts in US history.  Eight women are represented.  Approximately 170 families are represented.  The coffee-pearl colored granite was purchased and installed from Melgard Monument of River Falls, Wisconsin.  Upright granite columns were selected to stand at attention in honor of our veterans.

The memorial recognizes all military branches of service including the National Guard.  The Flagpole was donated by the Scandia-Marine Lions.

Every brick has a story.  Read their stories in the biographies at the information stand.
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