City of Scandia, MN

Oren Road by AnnThe City of Scandia Public Works Department provides ongoing maintenance for 75 miles of roadways, 70 cul-de-sacs, 2 miles of sidewalks, and 5 municipal parking lots within the City.  

Activities include street sweeping, curb repairs, pothole patching, storm sewer repairs, shoulder grading, street surface repairs, street light maintenance, sign replacement, ROW mowing, ditching, gravel road grading, dust control and City right-of-way tree trimming.

Not all roads in the City of Scandia are maintained by Public Works.  See City of Scandia Street Map to identify City owned roads apart from County or State owned roads.  Please report all concerns on County roads to Washington County Public Works and concerns on State roads to Minnesota Department of Transportation.  

Use the form below to report non- emergency problems related to City of Scandia roads to Public Works.  Please call 911 for all emergencies, or the Washington County Sheriff's Department for after-hours non-emergency problems, (651) 439-9381.

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