City of Scandia, MN

Scandia's 1,000 Acts of Kindness:

  • We picked up our foster rescue puppy.
  • 153 Acts of Kindness: 152 different individuals who volunteered or brought 
  • Brought donuts for all of the volunteers at the Donation Day for Scandia's 1,000 Acts of Kindness project.
  • Picked up a free package of Milkweed Seeds at church, elderly couple asked the Pastor and another woman if there were more. Told no, I returned and gave them what had been the last package.
  • “Canine Ambulance” service for a puking dog with diarrhea to get a second bag of fluids due to severe dehydration.
  • I made a financial contribution to help a community member in need.
  • Once again purchased two prepackaged bags of groceries from Cub Foods for the Family Pathways Food Shelf.
  • My wife and I left a basket of flowers on the porch of a former neighbor to let her know we’re thinking of her.
  • I delivered notes of appreciation to some of the teachers I’m working with this year and let them know they are positively impacting students.
  • I stopped along my run to pick up trash on the side of the road.
  • My neighbor dropped off a big container of homemade soup on her way to do errands.
  • Helped a neighbor figure out their new phone
  • I spent many hours over the past few days picking up trash from ditches in our neighborhood.  I recycle what I can and toss the rest.  I don't mean to sound "picky", but please keep your ugly trash out of our beautiful natural world.
  • I planned and organized a community fishing contest to be held this summer.  I am hoping a good time is had by all.
  • Donated to the Scandia-Marine food shelf.
  • It was very small but I let someone get over in traffic at a time where he didn’t expect it and you could tell how grateful he was. I have had moments like that on the other end. Feels good to be nice to a stranger no matter how small, just to know that in that moment you made their day slightly easier.
  • I picked up trash in the ditch while walking my daughter's dog.
  • I drew a picture and wrote a note to send to my aunt in North Carolina.
  • I sent a nice text to my grandparents.
  • I wrote a letter to my aunt who lives in South Dakota.
  • I brought down a shirt for my nana so she didn't need to climb the stairs.
  • I wrote a thank you letter to my Minnesota History Teacher.
  • I make it a daily quest to uplift as many people as I can.
  • Made some chicken noodle soup for a neighbor who just had some teeth pulled. Nothing goes down better than that when you don’t feel good!
  • My kids made cookies for the neighbors!
  • My husband retrieved a deceased dog out of our lake and attempted to find its owner. :(
  • Was cleaning out our shed getting ready for summer when I had to move a child’s bike out of the way. Our grandsons had outgrown this bike and moved on to bigger ones. We washed it up, put air in the tires and walked it over to our neighbors to give it to their little boy.  He was so excited to get this.
  • Helped a resident understand how internet expansion areas are chosen and how he can help his neighborhood get it sooner.
  • I helped feed horses at This Old Horse.
  • Carolyn XXXX cut out a large quantity of Dala horse shapes from scrap marine plywood for use with children's programs at Gammelgarden this summer.
  • On the way to my fitness center, I spotted what appeared to be a wounded muskrat on my road so I stopped, parked with my warning flashers on and used a couple of sticks to get the guy out of the line of traffic. While moving the poor thing off the road it seemed to regain its composure and ultimately walked down to the water under its own power. Mission accomplished.
  • I'm going to tape coins around a playground for kids to find.
  • I'm going to leave a box of goodies in our mailbox for our mail carrier.
  • I am committing to doing this - Buy a plant.  Put it in a terra-cotta pot. Write positive words that describe one of my friends on the pot.  Then give it to her!
  • I'm going to compliment the first three people I talk with tomorrow.
  • Left a Thank-you note and chocolate bar in mail box for our mail carrier who regularly has to come down driveway to delivery boxes.
  • Brought an elderly lady friend to Cub so she could pick up a few items she needed.
  • Brought 3 dozen cookies in to church tonight for all the volunteers
  1. I know a very kind woman who has helped her elderly neighbor (who does not have a computer) grocery shop all during the pandemic.  The elderly person is able to have the groceries placed in her trunk that the neighbor ordered online for her.
  2. Eighteen wonderful Bone Lake residents worked hard this chilly day in the strong wind to clean up the right of way along Lofton Ave.
  3. A generous neighbor is splitting up her perennials so a group from the Bone Lake Association can use them to beautify the intersection of 97 and Olinda.
  4. A large pile of disgusting cigarette butts lay in a corner of a parking area at a park.   I found a stiff price of paper to scoop them up and brought them to a trash container.
  5. Volunteered 4 hours at River Valley Riders performing Covid checks on riders, volunteers and parents
  6. Baked and mailed cookies to my daughter who’s having a hard time at college outstate.
  7. Taught three young women how to catch smelt at Wisconsin Point after the sun went down and the smelt started to run
  8. Gave a neighbor mint and elderberry plants
  9. Volunteered to work a second shift at Acts of Kindness Donation Day.
  10. Mike XXXXXX after hearing that my dad was in need of manure for his garden, delivered a load of manure to my dad this afternoon and spread it in the garden also!   Thank you, Mike for your kindness.
  11. When I was at Menards yesterday, I noticed a gentlemen with a cane putting his bags into his truck, as I walked by I asked him if I could put away his cart for him, it seemed like it really brightened up his day.
  12. On my way into town today, I saw an elderly lady picking up trash on the side of the road ... her big black plastic bag looked like it was almost full!!
  13. Took a neighbor, who doesn't drive, to the bank to straighten out an issue with her account.
  14. A student invited a new student (to the class) to eat lunch with the principal with her.
  15. Gave away flower bulbs and seeds I’ve been harvesting for the last few years to a neighbor so they can beautify their yard and enjoy the hummingbirds.
  16. I’m submitting this for my kind and generous neighbor. Today, he noticed one line at the bow of my new boat had come loose. After he tried without luck to reach me, he went down and tied my boat securely! A great neighbor!!
  17. I baked and prepared a meal together with my wife for the kind gentleman that delivered our pontoon boat!
  18. An acquaintance who lives approximately a mile and a 1/2 away, found out that I needed a ride to the metro area for a medical procedure.  On her day off from work she drove 60 miles to help me out!  An acquaintance has become a caring friend!    I've always told my children and grandchildren, "To have a friend, you need to be a friend."
  19. Sent a care package to my daughter who is in college. She was really surprised and enjoyed everything in it.
  20. Turned my husband's coffee maker on so coffee would be ready when he woke up.
  21. Helped my daughter with a project that she needed assistance with.
  22. Made encouraging comments about six photos that other students posted online for a photography course I'm taking.
  23. Bought a squirrel baffle for the bird feeder in front of my husband's office window. He's getting frustrated with the squirrel that keeps eating all the seeds for the birds.
  24. Made encouraging comments about photos that other students posted online for a photography course I'm taking.
  25. Wrote and mailed a letter to a college friend who I hadn't talked with for a long time.
  26. Took two seniors on a walk at William O'Brien. Had a great time together and enjoyed a picnic by Lake Alice.
  27. Picked up dog poop at the park. Not just from my dogs but other piles left by other dogs.
  28. Volunteered at a vaccine clinic. It was a good day as everyone was happy to be getting their Covid vaccine.
  29. Came home to my neighbor frantically yelling that she had a fire in her oven.  She was on the phone with fire dispatch but was still pretty shaken.  I tripped the breaker for the stove, made sure the fire was out and stayed with her until the fire department arrived.  I stayed with her until she calmed down enough to be left alone.
  30. I volunteered at my church with the Kindergartners.
  31. My renters abandon their 2 cats behind when they left. I found them a home today so they can stay together. ��❤️
  32. My husband took time out from working on a project at home to go help our neighbor with a task she couldn’t do
  33. I was going down to visit my 99-year-old mom today, and my neighbor (who knew I was going there today) gave me some cookies she baked to bring to her. My mom was thrilled she thought of her....and the cookies were delicious!
  34. 4th grade classmates picking up dropped items off desks.
  35. A classmate shared hand lotion for another student's very dry hands.
  36. At the Loins meeting I am being introduced as new member. Instead of attending the dinner during the meeting, I'm working in the kitchen so another Loin can enjoy their dinner instead.
  37. A 4th grade student taught another student how to play the morning meeting game.
  38. Today I helped a kindergarten student read the breakfast menu.
  39. im 9 a
  40. Supporting a friend having a change in her family.
  41. Roger XXXXXX fixed my tire.   He stopped everything to help me.
  42. He came over and helped me on the farm with a water problem.  He is a wealth of knowledge for us old farmer widows.  He came right over and would not accept anything for helping.  He spent several days fixing it.
  43. A 3rd grade friend helped me to put my stuff in my desk when it was time to clean up.
  44. A sweet neighbor gave my granddaughter a "Bumbo Baby Seat" for her new little one when she was visiting Sunday!
  45. A 3rd grade friend helped me to put my stuff in my desk when it was time to clean up.
  46. A sweet neighbor gave my granddaughter a "Bumbo Baby Seat" for her new little one when she was visiting Sunday!
  47. A student in a 3rd grade classroom at Scandia Elementary helped to find a missing magnet in the trash when it fell in there.  He was very helpful (even though it was a gross task)!  Way to go!
  48. Wayne XXXXXXXXX sanded the edges of 40 24"x24" marine plywood Dala horses for the Gammelgarden "Heard about our Herd" promotion for May, 2021
  49. When purchasing milk at Autumnwood Farms last week I decided to do the "drive thru difference" at the store and pay $20 towards the next person’s order.
  50. I helped my mom and dad pick up sticks and add them to the brush pile.
  51. When I approach a pedestrian on the road, I ALWAYS slow down, and move into the other lane. When others do this for me, I make sure to acknowledge the kindness with a smile and wave.
  52. On our walk today we brought along a plastic bag to gather any trash we saw along the way. Great way to keep the neighborhood looking good.
  53. I took photos for the storyboards at Lilleskogen today.  Guess who I am.
  54. 4 small acts by 4 different people to form one act of Kindness. Someone 220th put bike out for free (act 1). I saw ad & picked up the bike (act 2). My husband fix few things and put air in tires (act 3). My daughter is riding it down to give it to her friend whose bike broke (act 4). It takes a Village.
  55. Picked up trash in the ditch.
  56. Found a cell phone laying in the ground while walking on the trail in Forest Lake.  After calling the contact on the phone listed as “Mom” I was able to determine it was her son’s phone and I returned it to him.
  57. Raked an elderly lady’s yard so she can enjoy watching her flowers bloom this summer.
  58. My mom is getting flowers delivered today. Why? Because I love her and don't get to see her much.
  59. We were a recipient as someone paid for our family's meal at a local restaurant in Forest Lake.  We were very grateful for the kind gesture as it was a tough day for us with receiving some unexpected news.  Thank you to the mystery person for their kindness!
All Kind Acts listed below were recorded April 2-16:

  • Took the time to stop to check collar of dog running down the road. Luckily, Ollie had his name & number on his collar.  Waited with him for his owner to come claim him.
  • I took an older friend to dinner that had not been to a restaurant in over a year.  It was early so the restaurant was not crowded and he was so appreciative to have the opportunity to socialize.
  • I've found that once I started thinking about acts of kindness, I started seeing them everywhere.  Sign in the elevators at Regions Hospital in St. Paul: "Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is an important part of our culture.  It means 'EVERY PERSON welcomed, EVERY PERSON included, EVERY PERSON valued.'
  • I helped an elderly lady with the self-checkout at Walmart.
  • We had stood in line at Sam’s Club for a very long time. When we finally made our way to the register, we noticed the woman behind us with an armful of things. We let her go ahead of us, and she seemed quite thankful.
  • On my walk this evening I saw a piece of mail on the street that looked important so I located the mailbox it was addressed to and delivered it.
  • I gave thanks and praise to a woman who was wearing a sweatshirt that said Heart and Be Kind.
  • The woman in front of me at Cub checkout left the line for a short time to get food donation bags to donate.
  • I wrote a thank you note.  I'm seven years old.
  • I am three years old.  I took care of a worm outside and showed concern that it was OK. My grandma and grandpa live in Scandia.
  • I do snuggle time on the couch with my family.
  • I bought coffee for the person behind me in a coffee drive-through.  I grew up in Scandia.
  • I'm three years old.  I give hugs.
  • I created what my mom called a thoughtful and fun scavenger hunt for our family.  It ended with nice cards I wrote out to each person.  My grandma lives in Scandia.
  • I'm three years old.  My family had a sleepover together and that was being kind to me.
  • We have family meetings each week where we have and talk about a quote, its meaning, and what it has to do with our family.  Our quote for this week is "Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen."
  • I'm seven years old and donate some of my money to someone in need.
  • I'm seven years old and plan to "candy bomb" a parking lot.
  • I donated eye glasses, etc. to the Lions, a kind neighbor/friend picked them up to deliver.
  • There was an elderly Vet at Menards buying water softener salt. I picked up his two bags and helped him load them into his car. Turned out he is the recipient of a Purple Heart.
  • Tonight we had our neighbors over for family dinner ❤️
  • Today, and most days, I bring the mail down to a loving neighbor ❤️
  • Volunteered for about two hours for the Lions.
  • Washed the dishes and put them away so no one else in my family had to do that.
  • Told the nurse on the nurse line that she had been very helpful in getting an appointment set up for me. I wanted her to be thanked for a job in which she doesn't get many thanks for doing.
  • Signed up to get my COVID-19 vaccine so that I can help lessen the spread of this horrible disease.
  • Wrote a message on a high school friend's Facebook page offering sympathy on the death of her mother.
  • Wrote a card to a woman who was in the Deacon program with my parents and has sent me nice cards remembering my parents on the anniversary of their deaths.
  • Encouraged a friend who is on Weight Watchers.
  • Made chocolate chip bars for my daughter who said she would like a dessert.
  • Prepared and delivered meals to several Scandia families experience medical issues.
  • Picked up garbage on 240th Street
  • Had some friends over for dinner. We first went for a walk and they joined us in picking up trash along our road.
  • Shared dinner with my neighbors
  • Leaving small acts of kindness and sweetness around Scandia today. Please enjoy
  • I stopped by an old neighbor’s house and said hi and that we looked great! Which she really did!!
  • I trust a stranger. That she had good intentions. It made her feel wonderful!!
  • Gave money to the food shelf
  • Brought a couple of meals that I and my sister made to our cousin who is having a new hip put in.
  • Updated map of Scandia homes who might receive high speed internet this year
  • Helped neighbor fix electrical issues in his home
  • Helped neighbor change out old smoke detectors
  • Shared banana bread with neighbors
  • Gave my lawn mower to someone who didn't have one so they would be able to cut their grass
  • I found a religious necklace charm in the parking lot of Trader's Joes and made a special trip to into the store so they could put it in their lost and found
  • I helped Jean D. cross Oxbow trail.
  • Made dinner and breakfast for my friend whose husband is deployed
  • When the roads were narrowing down to one, I let a driver cut in front of me who was from out of state.  They were driving very slowly so I figured they were not familiar with our roads.
  • I made two meals and offered to pick up groceries for a friend having health issues.
  • I picked up the lunch special at the Marine General Store and got an extra order for my neighbor who recently had hip surgery.
  • Cleaned up garbage along Oakhill Road.
  • Prepared coffee and brunch for a dear friend.
  • Sent a card to my daughter at college to let her know how much I enjoyed having her home for Easter.
  • Made one of my daughter's favorite dinners for her.
  • Filled all the birdfeeders so the birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, and opossum have food to eat.
  • Drove the car into the driveway for my husband who had parked the car on the street (since a service truck was parked in our driveway). He appreciated not having to go outside again in the rain.
  • Complimented a service worker on a job well done. He was very happy to get the feedback about how he did.
  • Had a nice conversation with a senior in the community for close to an hour. She does not have family nearby and seemed to enjoy having someone to talk with.
  • Sent a card to a 60-year-old widower whose wife unexpectedly died of a heart attack after struggling with early-onset dementia. Wanted to brighten his day by getting some personal mail.
  • Stopped for a turtle in the road, moved it across the road so it wouldn't get hit.
  • I found someone's wallet that had been in the woods for some time. Tracked down the owner and sent her the contents.
  • My kind neighbor brought my mail down the hill to my house in the rain.
  • I picked up the trash along the roads in our neighborhood
  • My kind neighbor brought over a loaf of Banana Bread she had just baked to share with me.
  • We were brought banana bread because we are sick this week.
  • Donated money to a friend who recently had a baby at 25 weeks. The baby is doing well but will be in the NICU for many weeks.
  • Gave freshly baked muffins to two of our neighbors.
  • Delivered meals to residents of a retirement community.
  • Delivered meals to residents in a retirement community.
  • Made a sign for Lilleskogen park
  • Volunteer my time to mentor a first-year law student at Mitchell Hamlin School of Law, my alma mater.  She was so gratefully for the encouragement and support!
  • Met with a girlfriend that was having some family issues and just needed someone to listen to her.  She felt much better after a glass of wine and some encouragement.
  • While grocery shopping at Cub I purchased two prepackaged bags of groceries for the Family Pathways Food Shelf.
  • I brought my neighbors garbage bin back up to their home from the street.
  • I paid for the meal of the person behind me at McDonald’s in Forest Lake.
  • I spent three hours cutting up a fallen tree on a neighbor's property.
  • I helped my neighbor put part of his dock into Big Marine Lake. Getting ready for boating season!
  • My spouse and I went for a walk in our neighborhood and got caught in a downpour. When we went past our neighbor's house (Ron and Pattee), Ron was standing at the end of his driveway with an umbrella for us to use the rest of the way home. Sweetest, most thoughtful act of kindness ever!
  • Gave some prepared food to my sister so she didn't have to cook for a couple of days.
  • Filled up the gas in the car so my husband didn't have to do that.
  • Left an open parking spot that was close to the door at Walmart so someone else didn't have to walk far. Picked a spot that was further away from the door to park.
  • Gave some prepared food to my nephew so he didn't have to cook for a couple of days.
  • Wrote an email to thank someone for a business referral.
  • Wrote an email to a widow whose husband died a few months ago to let her know I was thinking of her.
  • Our retired 86 yr old neighbor comes and mows the grass, thank you Gene XXXXXXX.
  • "The wonderful Colleen (who is always so sweet and kind and gives many good pointers for educational things to do with kids)  at Old Towne Liquor mentioned that Ellen, the retired teacher from scandia, made bread to give out! She topped off our treat on the way into my daughter's dance! THANK YOU BOTH!"
  • I had a productive walk at lunch assisting a turtle cross Olinda to Gammelgarden. Poor turtle couldn’t get up the curb. ��
  • Ella and Maisie walked around their neighborhood and pulled up their neighbor’s garbage cans. They also delivered Easter cards and candy.
  • Shared Easter dinner with others.
  • Passed on some beads and stringing materials to girls that would enjoy them.
  • Donated to the Scandia food shelf.
  • Made a monetary donation to the Scandia Food Bank.
  • Helped distribute cookies and information about the 1,000 acts of Kindness in the Scandia Cottages.
  • Made Easter baskets for two college students who would not be going home for Easter this year.
  • Purchased a pair of sandals for my daughter so that she has something cool and comfortable to wear on hot days like today.
  • Helped bring bags of items up to my daughter's and her roommates' dorm so they didn't have to carry as much up the steps.
  • Gave some food to my daughter and two of her roommates who were returning to college after an Easter weekend stay at our home.
  • Rebecca XXXXXXX was incredibly kind. She dressed as a rabbit and visited our house when the grand kids were over....
  • Pulled over on the shoulder to let four cars pass me on a one-lane road.
  • Treated my daughter to dinner and dessert from Dairy Queen.
  • Let two cars that were following very closely pass me. I pulled over to the shoulder so they could drive faster (over the speed limit) and not get frustrated with the pace I was driving.
  • Donated to the Scandia Marine Food Shelf.
  • My seven year old granddaughter who lives in Spokane, Washington drew me a lovely picture to hang on my refrigerator so I would think of her.
  • Pulled over on the shoulder to let four cars behind me pass on a one-lane road.
  • I dropped off gently used kitchen cookware to Bridging hoping someone will be able to use.
  • I was able to give a man at a street corner with a sign describing his situation the cash from my purse and a bottle of water.  I don’t normally have either.  It was meant to be.
  • A neighbor posted on Facebook that they would like a copy of something but didn't know how to do it. We printed it for her and left it in her mailbox.
  • On our evening walk, we happened upon several pieces of trash along our road. We collected all of the trash as we walked. Taking care of the earth!
  • Bought coffee for person behind me in line��
  • My little neighbor, Ella XXXXXX brought me a hand drawn note that said Happy Easter and a little bag of treats!  She made my day!
  • I gave my old truck to Scandia Auto to use as a "Push" truck.
356 Recorded Acts of Kindness - way to go Scandia!  Thank you for participating!

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