City of Scandia, MN

Scandia's 1,000 Acts of Kindness:
  • Over 30 neighbors sent my mom birthday greetings by US mail (they are still trickling in a week later), and one even sent a box of cookies(!). We do not know most of these kind folks but they responded to a request on Facebook to try to cheer up my mom on her 96th birthday. It worked!
  • Noticed the neighbors water hose was left on and water was trickling down the street all day. They appeared not to be home and forgot about it. Turned it off to save water.
  • Made a birthday card and sent it to a lady turning 96
  • Sent a Birthday card to a 96 year old shut-in.
  • I donated money for transportation to rescue someone's pet.
  • Kristine Lindberg helped a turtle cross a street.
  • A wonderful neighbor is donating an awesome prize for 4th of July boat parade.    It actually is an experience that many people do not have in their entire 
  • I deliver meals to the homebound
  • With my car and lawnmower held hostage behind my garage door with a broken spring, my very kind and considerate neighbor cut my grass.
  • Though the Veterans Memorial has officially been turned over to the City of Scandia, I caught Randall Simonson out doing some clean up of the Veterans Memorial grounds.
  • My kind neighbor, Karin, is a wonderful baker and has gifted me with her yummy banana bread many times!
  • Helped a working mom sort through children's clothes to donate.
  • Opened the door for a woman carrying many boxes into a UPS store.
  • At the liquor store the liquor lady helped me to wrap a bottle of wine for a gift, and at no charge! She was very helpful and had a cheery attitude as well! 
  • Weeded the butterfly garden at Lilleskogen Park
  • Had my neighbor over for dinner.
  • Took my neighbor car shopping.
  • I donated to the Ukrainian refugees fund that are being housed in Mellerud, Sweden, which is Scandia’s Sister City.
  • I took my mother to three cemeteries and planted flowers.
  • I picked up mail for my neighbor.
  • I help an older lady load her car in the rain.
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