City of Scandia, MN

About Scandia--
Farm Scandia, Minnesota  is a rural community located in northern Washington County, at the edge of  the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.  Known as New Scandia Township until its incorporation on January 1, 2007 as the City of Scandia, the community has a rich history as the first Swedish immigrants to Minnesota settled here.  The historic village area (located around the intersection of Oakhill Rd. and Olinda Trail) business community provides many goods and services and is the focal point of community life. Fawns Scandia's 39.7 square miles represent a scenic, rolling landscape dotted with lakes, woodlands, farms and low density rural development.  The St. Croix River and Big Marine Lake are two of the natural gems that attract residents and visitors to our area.  Scandia's population is 4,159 (2018) persons.
Gammelgarden Bridge
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