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Negotiation with Residential Solid Waste and Recycling Collectors

Pursuant to the Minnesota Organized Collection Statute, M.S. 115A.94 (“Statute”), the City of Scandia has decided to initiate a 60-day period of meetings and negotiations exclusively with its currently residential collectors to develop a proposal for the collection of solid waste and recyclables.  The 60-day period will commence on the date of this notice.

As required under the Statute, such meetings and negotiations are exclusive and will not be open to the public.  Limited information will be available given the confidential nature of this 60-day process.  Members of the public, however, will have an opportunity to be heard in the event an agreement is reached, in which case the city will provide subsequent notice and information.  

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Hurlburt, Interim City Administrator, at 651 433-2274 or

Dated: February 8, 2023

For publication in the Country Messenger on February 8, 2023
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Trash & Recycling Update - January 7, 2023

Trash and recycling service has become a hot topic in Scandia since Scandia’s dominant trash and recycling provider, SRC, was acquired by Waste Management in late 2022. 

At their January 4 meeting, the Council discussed citizen concerns and the options available for Scandia residents and businesses. They decided to begin the process to update the city’s ordinance and to pursue an “organized collection” system.  With organized collection, the city chooses the city’s waste haulers through an RFP process. Advantages of this approach include a greater ability of the city to manage services, decreasing the impacts of truck traffic on our streets, and often lowering costs.  Some of our neighboring cities (like Forest Lake and Marine on St. Croix) are managing their trash and recycling this way. For more background information, please review the materials from the January 4, 2023 Council meeting, found HERE.

It will take some time to go through the process required by state law, which includes updating ordinances, preparing an RFP, reviewing proposals and negotiating contracts. Feedback from residents and businesses will be sought along the way. 

In the meantime, the city is in contact with Waste Management to ensure our commercial and residential collections will continue.

This post will be updated as the schedule is firmed up and more details become available. Comments and suggestions can be submitted to the city at

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Waste Management Route Changes January 9, 2023

Waste Management has informed the city that they will be changing their routes so that some Scandia residents’ pick-up day will change from Thursday to Tuesday.  The area affected is shown on the map.  Generally, this is south of Highway 97 and east of Big Marine Lake.  The change will happen the week of January 23, 2023.

The company says this should result in more consistent service. Affected customers will be notified by Waste Management.  We are sharing this information in case residents miss the notice for some reason.

Here is a map of the customers who are changing their pick up day to Tuesday beginning January 23rd:

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Map of Changes

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