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Scandia Internet Expansion Update – Spring 2022 (5/20/2022)

  • We began with 743 homes already connected to high-speed broadband (gigabit download speed available) from Midco in 2019.
  • Our goal is to add an average 200 homes per year over five years (2020 through 2024).
  • During the 2020 construction season we added a total of 255 homes at a cost of $160,00 to the city.
  • During the 2021 construction season we added a total of 171 homes at a cost of $250,000 to the city.
  • For 2022 we expect to add 161 homes, but this number may go up once the construction plans are finalized. The city and Midco were successful in applying for a $100,000 grant from Washington County to help offset this year’s construction costs.  Midco also received federal dollars (RDOF) to assist.  Total cost to the city will be $219,000.
  • As of May 16th, construction on this year’s expansion is underway with completion expected in the late fall.

When this year’s project is complete the 3-year total will be 587 homes added, only a bit under our goal and we’ll have a total of 1,330 homes connected to high-speed broadband out of a total of 1,794.  This represents 74% coverage by the end of this year.

Here’s a map showing areas currently served and those scheduled to be served by the end of 2022:

This 2022 proposed buildout with Midco includes 161 proposed buildouts, which includes one business.

2022 Proposed Midco Buildout Areas - Copy

(Map provided by Midco to the City May 2022)

The City of Scandia and Washington County are providing Grant funding for a build area as shown above as Area A in green, which includes 48 houses.  The project area in the north central part of the City, shown in green as Area C has 33 houses, and the buildout on Scandia Trail N, shown as area B in green has 33 homes for a total of 161 houses to be served in this project.

Total project cost for 2022 is estimated at $578,736 for direct build Area A.  The breakdown of cost shares is as follows:


Cost Share

% Share of Cost




City of Scandia Direct Grant

$219,000 (previously $319k prior to Washington County grant participation)


Washington County Grant



                                                TOTAL   $578,736

The estimated cost per individual build for this project is $5,076.63.  It is anticipated that this cost will go up as Midco typically self supports buildouts that are estimated by the City to between $2,000 and $2,500. As result, the Committee has anticipated the grant support needs will increase as build areas include lower densities and larger distances. 

The Committee recommended that the $100,000 savings from the 2022 buildout, courtesy of Washington County’s Grant participation, should go into the 2023 grant buildout proposed budget. 

The committee further recommended by consensus that this updated data be included in a website update along with making changes to the Internet Update Page to better find the City’s estimated progress map.

It was noted that this year’s buildout includes 47 houses that will be covered by the Federal Rural Digital Opportunities Fund (RDOF) and the remaining 114 houses for this year are to be covered by City of Scandia and Washington County grants.  

We’re currently working on plans for 2023 and beyond and are hopeful that new county, state, and federal funding assistance will be available to allow our continued build out as planned.   This will be essential as we move into less densely populated areas that will be more expensive to connect.

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