City of Scandia, MN

Scandia High Speed Internet Update – December 2022

MidCo’s current expansion project underway in Scandia will reach about 160 homes previously lacking access to high-speed Internet.  Supply chain and equipment delays have pushed completion of this project from December 2022 to the spring of 2023.   IAC 2022 map

Washington County approved a new grant for MidCo to connect an additional 112 homes around Big Marine Lake.  Total project cost is $745,000, with $280,000 from MidCo, $372,500 from Washington County and $92,500 from Scandia.   Construction will be spread over two years, starting in 2023 with completion by the end of 2024.  The project will deploy 44,000 feet of fiber necessitating the multi-year construction schedule.

MidCo also received a Minnesota Broadband grant in the amount of $975,131 that will serve 323 homes in Forest Lake.

Frontier Communications applied for a Minnesota Broadband grant for locations in and around Scandia but was not awarded any grants.

The state of Minnesota has created a new Line Extension Program to help individual home and business owners receive assistance to bring high speed Internet service to their location.  Scandia’s Internet Action Committee is working to identify areas in the city where this new program will work and will integrate the program into its overall plan for improving high speed Internet service throughout Scandia.

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