City of Scandia, MN

Waste and Recycling Collection
Waste Management provides the City of Scandia with waste and recycling services.  To set up your service or for any changes to your service, please contact Waste Management directly at: 877-793-1559 - or -

Waste Management Agreement with City of Scandia

Please note the information below, which contains 2024 waste and recycling fees and collection information.

Service Levels
Waste is collected weekly, and Recycling is every other week, on the same day as waste (see the maps below for your collection day - under construction).

Waste service has tiered pricing based on the container size you select.  Homeowners have three options for container size: 35 gallons, 64 gallons, and 96-gallon.  Recycling is a flat rate of $9.39 per month, and all residents will receive a 96-gallon container.  Monthly prices for waste and recycling are shown in the table below:


Small / 35 Gallon

Medium / 64 Gallon

Large / 96 Gallon

Solid Waste Collection




Solid Waste Disposal




Bi-Weekly Recycling









If you wish to change the size of your waste container, please contact Waste Management at: 877-793-1559 - or -

Residents of Scandia do have the option to self-haul their garbage and recycling, provided they dispose of it in compliance with state law and county policies regarding the required processing of waste and recycling.   

In addition to the monthly service fee, your bill will include a County Environmental Charge, set at 35% of your garbage fee.  More information on this charge can be found at County Environmental Charge | Washington County, MN - Official Website

Please ensure your containers are placed curbside by 7 am on your collection day.  Residents are allowed to place containers out the day before, after 3 p.m.  All containers must be removed from the curb 24 hours after collection. 

Subscription Walk-up / Valet Service
Walk-up / Valet Service is offered at no additional charge to those eligible residents who apply for and are approved by the City for the service.  The service is available temporarily for those residents who experience a temporary physical restriction (i.e., a resident recovering from surgery, injury, etc.) or as a recurring annual option for Seniors.  Please use the Walk-Up / Valet Service Form found ___(under construction)__________ and return it to City Hall.  Call 651.433.2274 with questions. 

Holiday Schedule
The waste and recycling hauler observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If you are scheduled for pick-up on one of these days, your collection will occur on the following business day or Saturday, whichever is soonest. 

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