City of Scandia, MN

Scandia Internet Expansion Update – Spring 2024

Broadband Internet Service Expansion in Scandia will continue with the following areas scheduled for construction in 2024:

  1. Big Marine Lake - A total of 173 Passings *
    1. Washington County – American Rescue Plan Funding = 112 Passings
    2. Big Marine Line Extension – State of MN Funding = 19 Passings
    3. Meadowbrook Line Extension – State of MN Funding = 5 Passings
    4. Eco Backen – MidCo Self-Funded = 37 Passings
  1. Rolling Acres – MidCo Self-Funded = 9 Passings
  2. Scandia Adjacent to May Township – State of MN Funding = 20 Passings
  3. Pending Line Extension Grants - State of MN Funding =72 passings

The Internet Action Committee continues to work with both MidCo and Frontier to utilize Local, County, State and Federal Funding to reach our goal to provide broadband Internet service to all of Scandia.   At the end of 2024 there will be about 380 passing to go before we achieve that goal.

Expansion planning for 2025 is currently underway and we expect to announce those plans later this year.

The attached map shows currently served areas (pink) the 2024 construction areas (yellow) and the pending line extension grants (blue).

An interactive map showing past, present, and future Internet service areas is available on the side menu of the Internet Expansion News Tab of the city’s website - LINK.

To check if MidCo Broadband is available in your area look here:

* Broadband Passings:  In the context of broadband infrastructure, a “passing” refers to a location that can be connected to fiber running along the main road. It includes areas where fiber is available up to the doorstep or where infrastructure is present along the street.
midco spring 2024

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