City of Scandia, MN


Construction Update – Phase 1

April 25th, 2024

The Contractor has begun construction on Phase 1 for this years 2024 Street Improvement Project.

This project is a full depth reclamation and re-paving project which will remove all bituminous pavement and place 4” of new bituminous pavement. Spot storm sewer improvements will also take place.

Phase 1 Anticipated Construction Timeline (Subject to Weather)

  1. April 24 – 29: Reclaiming the roadway and saw cutting/removal of driveways.
  2. April 26 – May 6: Clearing and grubbing along with culvert improvements.
  3. May 3 – 13: Tolerancing and correcting the subgrade of the road to prepare for base paving.
  4. May 10 – 15: Pave first of two layers of pavement. Pavement can be driven on about 30 minutes after placement. All driveway patching will also be completed at this time. A future notice will be provided prior to placement with additional details.
  5. May 14 – 23: Topsoil and seed will be placed in disturbed areas and landscaping will be reinstalled.
  6. May 20 – 24: Shouldering of the roadway will take place during this time. Mailboxes will also be reinstalled.

Driveway culverts to be cleaned or replaced will have a lath placed in the ditch roughly a week before the work is to commence. Please do not remove the stakes, as they will be needed for placing the new driveway culvert.

Phase 2 and 3 Residents:

If there are invisible dog fences or irrigation lines in the right of way in front of your home, they must be removed prior to the start of construction, or otherwise risk potential damage. Any irrigation lines or invisible dog fences that are damaged within the right of way will not be replaced by the City or the Contractor.

  1. Phase 2 will have culvert removals and replacements begin early in May with the bulk of the work commencing on May 24th (SUBJECT TO WEATHER).
  2. Phase 3 will have culvert removals and replacement begin mid-late May, with the bulk of the work commencing on June 19th (SUBJECT TO WEATHER).

The anticipated schedule has been provided below for additional information.

Thank you for your cooperation during this project. Please call or email one of the contacts below if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Primary:                                                                                                       Secondary:

Tanner Johnson, EIT                                                                               Isiah Bubany, PE

(612) 508-3021                                                                                         (651) 308-1491                                      

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Phase 1 Map

Phase 2 and 3 Map

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